Course Schedule (Spring I, 2014)

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Course NumberCourse NameInstructor
BIA652WS Multivariate Data Analytics Thomas Brantle
BIA658WS Social Network Analytics Yasuaki Sakamoto
CAL568WS Philosophy of Science Gregory Morgan
CPE/MT/PEP690WS Introduction to VLSI Systems Design Haibo He
CPE/NIS536WS Integrated Services-Multimedia Hong Man
CPE/NIS591WS Introduction to Multimedia Networking Koduvayur Subbalakshmi
CPE/NIS592WS Computer and Multimedia Network Security Rajarathnam Chandramouli
CPE/NIS604WS Analytical Methods for Networks Cristina Comaniciu
CPE/NIS645ws Image Processing and Computer Vision Hong Man
CPE/NIS654WS Design and Analysis of Network Systems Victor Lawrence
CPE/NIS691WS Information Systems Security Bruce McNair
CPE585/BME504WS Medical Instrumentation and Imaging Hong Man
CPE646WS Pattern Recognition and Classification Hong Man
CS/CPE537WS Interactive Computer Graphics I George Kamberov
CS/CPE550WS Computer Organization and Programming Steven Gabarro
CS/CPE590WS Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms David Pfeffer
CS/CPE600WS Advanced Algorithm Design and Implementation Reza Peyrovian
CS/MA503WS Discrete Mathematics of Cryptography Charles Suffel
CS/SOC501WS, W1 Introduction to JAVA Programming Peter Jurkat
CS/SOC553WS Introduction to Text Mining and Statistical Natural Language Processing Peter Jurkat
CS/SOC594WS Enterprise Security and Information Assurance Dominic Duggan
CS488WS Computer Architecture Reza Peyrovian
CS545 or SOC510WS Human Computer Interaction Gregg Vesonder
CS548 or SOC542WS Enterprise Software Architecture and Design Dominic Duggan
CS561WS Database Management Systems I David Klappholz
I have to say my initial thoughts about the TQM course were that it would be dry, since I work in such a regulated industry. To my pleasure, it has been anything but. I’ve really enjoyed the text, the faculty, and team projects. I’ve even gone so far as to make posters of sections of the book in our break room for my colleagues to think about and initiate conversations in our group about our quality procedures."
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