Course Schedule (Spring I, 2013)

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Course NumberCourse NameInstructor
CAL556WS Ethics of Business and Technology Gregory Morgan
CHE661 or ME623WS Design of Control Systems Dino Favetta
CHE681WS Pharmaceutical Reaction Engineering TBD
CPE/NIS691WS Information Systems Security Bruce McNair
CPE585/BME504WS Medical Instrumentation and Imaging Hong Man
CS/CPE537WS Interactive Computer Graphics I TBD
CS/CPE550WS Computer Organization and Programming Steven Gabarro
CS/CPE600WS Advanced Algorithm Design and Implementation TBD
CS/SOC553WS Introduction to Text Mining and Statistical Natural Language Processing Peter Jurkat
CS/SOC594WS Enterprise Security and Information Assurance Dominic Duggan
CS488WS Computer Architecture Reza Peyrovian
CS513 or SOC550WS Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Mahmoud Daneshmand
CS520WS Introduction to Operating Systems Appajosyula Satyanarayana
CS548 or SOC542WS Enterprise Software Architecture and Design Dominic Duggan
CS561WS Database Management Systems I David Klappholz
CS600WS Advanced Algorithm Design and Implementation TBD
EE/MT/PEP561WS Solid State Electronics for Engineering I Robert Pastore
EE/MT/PEP562WS Solid State Electronics for Engineering II Robert Pastore
EE/NIS612WS Principles of Multimedia Compression Koduvayur Subbalakshmi
EM605WS Elements of Operations Research Teresa Zigh
FE540WS Probability Theory for FE Dragos Bozdog
FE570WS Market Microstructure and Trading Strategies Alec Schmidt
FE680WS, W1 Advanced Derivatives Cristian Pasarica
FE800WS Project in Financial Engineering David Starer
MGT606WS Economics for Managers Alex Panayides
Professor Linda Laird put together a high quality course in CS533 Cost Metrics and Estimation. The PowerPoint® lectures were comparable to a live class in quality, and the weekly quizzes kept things engaging. This was my first WebCampus course and, given its high level of professionalism and quality, I wouldn’t hesitate to take another."
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